Advancing Science, Improving Health

We identify the key challenges holding customers back and deliver solutions so they can achieve greater success, ultimately helping them exceed their own expectations and gain the insights critical for their work. Sample to Insight is our strategic framework that puts the needs and challenges of our customers front and center.

Thierry Bernard

“We are investing in our future and building on our strengths.“

Thierry Bernard
Chief Executive Officer

2021 by numbers

19 % 19% CER net sales increase
to $2.25 billion
23 % Adjusted diluted EPS grew 23%
to $2.65
38 % 38% increase in free cash flow
to $449 million
34 % Adjusted operating margin
at 34% in 2021
22 % 22% CER growth in
non-COVID product sales
>500 k >500,000 customers
served globally

Financial Report 2021

Financial Report Financial Report

Advancing Science, Improving Health

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